November 01, 2006


 Veterinary leaders needed

AVMA invites council, trust, committee, board nominations

Posted Oct. 15, 2006

Nominations are invited for 76 vacancies on AVMA entities and 14 liaison positions. The House of Delegates will fill council openings when it meets in July 2007 in Washington, D.C. The Executive Board will make liaison and committee appointments at its April 2007 meeting.

Nominating materials for councils—including instructions for publishing candidates' biographies in the 2007 Campaign Guide—were sent in August to AVMA delegates and chief staff officers of organizations represented in the HOD. Others may obtain council and committee nomination forms on the AVMA Web site,, or by calling AVMA headquarters at (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6651 for councils, Ext. 6605 for committees.  


The AVMA is currently seeking nominations to fill 13 council vacancies. Nominations shall be made by organizations represented in the House of Delegates, or by petition of 10 voting members.

Council nominations must be postmarked by Feb. 1, 2007, and sent to Dr. Bruce W. Little, AVMA executive vice president. Nominators should use the proscribed nomination form versus sending résumés or other biographic information to ensure that nominations will not be invalidated because the information supplied is incomplete.

Council members' terms are six years, and no council member may serve two consecutive terms on the same council. For this purpose, terms of three years or less will not be counted. No member may serve simultaneously in the HOD and on a council, or on two councils. A former council member may become eligible for election to a council at the next annual session after the end of a previous term on a council. The Bylaws also require that nominees be actively, or at the time of retirement, engaged in the appropriate area, if an area is specified in the vacancy.

AVMA guidelines for council nominations further stipulate the following:

  • Nominations must be signed by an officer of the nominating organization
  • A nominee will not be eligible to be a candidate for more than one council per year
  • A candidate will not be permitted to change the category after the Feb. 1 nomination deadline


Council Professional category of vacancy Individual whose term expires
Biologic and Therapeutic Agents Private practice, predominantly small animal    Kenneth Blood
Communications Private practice, predominantly small animal
   Sherry Dodson
   Robert Krapfl
Education Veterinary medical research
Private equine clinical practice
Large animal clinical science
Private food animal clinical practice   (unexpired term ending July 2012)
   Kirk Clark
   William Fishback
   Fred Troutt
† Michael Kerfoot
Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine Public health agencies or the Armed Forces
Agricultural agencies
   Donald Lein
   John Schiltz
Research Private clinical practice (a member who is   predominantly engaged in private clinical   practice)
Veterinary medical research (a member   who is predominantly engaged in active   research at the time of election.)
   Robert Poteet

 * Kent Lloyd
Veterinary Service Private mixed practice, predominantly food   animal or equine
Academic clinical science
   Ronald Gill

   Robert Gilbertw
Judicial No terms expiring in 2007  

* Eligible for re-election
  Predominantly means that 50 percent or more of the individual's professional activity is in the specified category
  Exclusively means that 90 percent or more of the individual's professional activity is in the specified category   

Trusts, committees, and boards

Nominations are invited for each of the AVMA trust and committee members to be appointed by the Executive Board at its April 2007 meeting. These nominations should be postmarked no later than March 9, 2007, and sent to J. Karl Wise, PhD, AVMA associate executive vice president. 

Nominations may be made by local or state veterinary associations, by allied groups represented in the House of Delegates, or by an AVMA member on that person's or another's behalf.

Each nomination must include a one- or two-page curriculum vitae and a statement that the nominee has agreed to serve, if appointed. Only the first two pages of lengthier curricula vitae that are submitted will be reviewed.


or group
Max #
Representing Incumbents
Animal Welfare 3 2 AASRP
Zoo and/or wildlife
  Gregg Cutler
  William Folger
  Christa Irwin
  Timothy Reichard
  Darrel Styles
Aquatic Veterinary Medicine 3 2 State/federal regulatory veterinary medicine
Extension/diagnostic services
Research in aquatic animal health
  Marilyn Blair

* Stephen Smith
* Roy Yanong
Clinical Practitioners Advisory 3 2 AASV
AAFP, alternate representative
AAEP, alternate representative
Aquaculture/seafood medicine
Aquaculture/seafood medicine, alternate representative
* Lisa Becton
* Julie Levy
* T. Byars
* Carol Clark
* Bronwyn Szignarowitz
* Jill Spangenberg

* David Wallace
Convention Management
and Program
3 3 Personal/Professional Section manager
Public/Corporate Section manager
Veterinary Technician Section manager
Liaison industry adviser
  Wendy Emerson

  John Herbold
  Dean Knoll

  Dennis McCurnin
  Phil Steinhauer
Veterinary Technician Education and Activities 6 1 Clinical veterinary medicine, large animal
Regulatory veterinary medicine
Canadian VMA
  David Fell

  Pepi Leids
  Gavin Hamilton
Disaster and Emergency Issues 3 2 Food animal practice
Poultry medicine
  James Thorne
* H. Towers
Educational Commission on Foreign Veterinary Graduates 6 1 State veterinary licensing board   A. David Hayes
Environmental Issues 3 2 IAAAM
* Cindy Driscoll
  Christopher Dutton
  Eric Gingerich
  Mark Starr
Food Safety Advisory 3 2 CPHRVM
* John Huntley
  John Schiltz
Governance Performance Review 3 2 House of Delegates
* Milli Bass
  Ronald Gill
Human-Animal Bond 3 2 Veterinary ethology
Public health
  Debra Horwitz
  John New
Legislative Advisory 3 2 Executive Board
AAFHV, alternate representative
AACPPV, alternate representative
AAVMC, alternate representative
AAAP, alternate representative
AABP, alternate representative
* Larry Kornegay
* Daniel Lafontaine
* Rex Holt
* Gerald Schmoling
* David Hustead
* Bennie Osburn
* Andrew Maccabe
  Mo Saif
* Mark Spire
* Virginia Fajt
Member Services 3 2 Academic veterinary medicine
Private clinical practice
Recent graduates
* Richard Bednarski
* Grace Bransford
* Nicole Chevalier
PAC Policy Board 2 3 Area 1, Eastern states
Area 2, Central states
Area 3, Western states
* Walter Robinson
* Vern Otte
  George Bishop
State Advocacy 3 2 ASVMAE
Area 3, Western states
* Ralph Johnson
* Jack Walther
Strategic Planning 3 1 House of Delegates
  Merry Crimi
  Richard Sibbel
Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning 3 2 Constituent associations   Matthew Verbsky
GHLIT 4 3 At-large * Martha O'Rourke
* Gary Holfinger
* Harold Trimmer
PLIT 4 3 At-large * Andrew Clark
* Raymond Ebert

* Eligible for re-election
  If underlined, the organization nominates its representative 


American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
American Feed Industry Association
ANSI Z136.3 Subcommittee
National Mastitis Council
Risks from Animal Contact Compendium Committee, NASPHV
National Association for Biomedical Research
American Fisheries Society, Fish Health Section
Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture, National Aquatic Animal Health Task Force
Animal Producers Sub-Council
Council on Agricultural Science and Technology
World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Delegation
International Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Alliance
Rabies Compendium Committee, NASPHV
USDA National Animal Health Reporting System, Aquaculture Commodity Working Group
  John Baker
David Wallace
Kenneth Bartels
Robert Gilbert
John Huntley
K.C. Lloyd
Helen Roberts
Stephen Smith
Lyle Vogel
Lyle Vogel
Lyle Vogel
John Schiltz
Marilyn Blair


AAAP American Association Avian Pathologists   AALC Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee
AABP American Association of Bovine Practitioners   AAVMC Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
AACPPV American Association of Corporate and Public Practice Veterinarians   AAV Association of Avian Veterinarians
AAEP American Association of Equine Practitioners   CPHRVM Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine
AAFP American Association of Feline Practitioners   GHLIT Group Health and Life Insurance Trust
AASV American Association of Swine Veterinarians   IAAAM International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine
AAFHV American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians   NASPHV National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians
AASRP American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners