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October 15, 2006


 Livestock deaths lead to injunction against feed company

Posted Oct. 1, 2006

The death of livestock that ate feed from Cooperative Agricultural Services Inc. of Grinnell, Kan., has led to an injunction against the company.

The deaths prompted investigations by the Food and Drug Administration. Multiple consecutive inspections of CO-AG documented violations of the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice requirements for feed manufacturers.

On Aug. 16, a consent decree of permanent injunction against the company was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas.

CO-AG agreed to stop manufacturing and distributing medicated feed until it provides assurance that it makes the medicated feed in compliance with good manufacturing practices, in accordance with label specifications, and in a manner ensuring that all uses of new animal drugs conform to each drug's approvals.

CO-AG must retain an expert consultant to conduct inspections of its manufacturing facility and certify to the FDA that the company has made corrections. The FDA will continue to monitor these activities. CO-AG also must have a qualified laboratory conduct analyses of its medicated feeds, and the company must take corrective action for medicated feeds that the laboratory determines are outside FDA potency limits.

The consent decree provides for FDA to require a recall or shutdown in the event of future violations. CO-AG produces medicated and nonmedicated feed for consignees in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.