October 01, 2006


 NAVTA turns 25

Posted Sept. 15, 2006

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

A group of veterinary technicians created NAVTA in 1981 to raise awareness about the role of technicians in veterinary medicine. The association has committed itself to education, communication, and strategic relationships with the AVMA and other veterinary associations.

"Among its successes, NAVTA has changed the professional nomenclature so that it appropriately reflects the skill sets of veterinary technicians; attained positions of influence on national committees, councils, and task forces; established a quality journal; and expanded services provided by veterinary technicians through the development of technician specialties in critical care, anesthesia, and dentistry," said Dr. Janet D. Donlin, assistant executive vice president of the AVMA, who started out as a veterinary technician.

The NAVTA Journal was launched in December 2002 as an outlet for the association and members, as well as a source for continuing education and informative articles.

"The NAVTA Journal has been a visible sign of our growth and position in the profession," said Patrick Navarre, veterinary technician and NAVTA executive director. "It has also increased awareness about our organization."

Also, NAVTA has established a presence on the Web at www.navta.net. The site includes survey data, organization information, and upcoming events. It also offers an online career center, credential information, and links to CE programs.

For the past 13 years, the association has celebrated National Veterinary Technician Week every October to educate the public about the role of veterinary technicians in the care of animals. This year's event runs Oct.15-21. "We CARE!" is the theme, bringing to the forefront the nature of this caring profession.