July 01, 2006


 Waiting period down for Clinical Proficiency Examination

Posted June 15, 2006

The waiting period for taking the Clinical Proficiency Examination has decreased to less than six months, down from an average of about a year and a half.

The CPE is the fourth and final step of the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates certification program. In 2005, two new testing sites joined five existing sites to offer the 3 1/2-day, hands-on examination of clinical skills.

"For several years, the ECFVG has strived to increase the capacity of the CPE and thereby decrease the time a candidate must wait to take the CPE," said Dr. Philip Bushby, ECFVG chair. "One of the new sites, the Western Veterinary Conference site in Las Vegas, alone increased the capacity of the system by more than 150 percent."

The Las Vegas site is offering the CPE monthly through the end of the year at the temporary Topaz Center and private Rocking K Cutting Horse Ranch. The site will move to a permanent home at the WVC's Oquendo Center for Clinical Education in Las Vegas once construction is complete sometime next year.

The University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine is the other new testing site for the CPE. The testing system also includes Mississippi State University, Oklahoma State University, Tuskegee University, the University of California-Davis, and the University of Glasgow in Scotland.