June 01, 2006


 Proposed bylaws published for AVMA members

Posted May 15, 2006

The AVMA Bylaws state that proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws shall be published in the "journal of the Association" at least 30 days before the House of Delegates considers them. In accordance, a proposed new bylaws document is published in this issue, beginning on page 1657 (proposed AVMA Bylaws, PDF). The HOD will address the amended and restated bylaws at its 143rd annual session, July 14-15 in Honolulu.

Current practice among many organizations is adoption of governing bylaws without a constitution. The HOD will vote on whether to strike the current AVMA Constitution and Bylaws in their entirety and replace them with the proposed bylaws.

In preparation for adoption of new bylaws, an amendment was introduced in the HOD in July 2004 to strike the constitution in its entirety. Since January of that year, each working draft bylaws revision has incorporated suggestions submitted by members of the HOD, House Advisory Committee, Executive Board, Judicial Council, and other AVMA entities. This spring, the board and HAC finalized the proposed revision.

In its current form, the AVMA Constitution and Bylaws is printed in the 2006 AVMA Membership Directory & Resource Manual.

AVMA members who want to express an opinion about the proposed bylaws are encouraged to communicate with their AVMA delegate. Members of the HOD are listed in the AVMA directory, beginning on page 16.