May 15, 2006


 Animal welfare goals slated to benefit from governance changes

Posted May 1, 2006

The Executive Board received as information the final report of the Animal Welfare Governance Task Force. One of its charges was to advise the board on the governance structure that would most effectively address the AVMA's goals for animal welfare.

As recommended by the task force, the board voted against initiating a bylaw change to establish an animal welfare council and, instead, approved proposed revisions to the charge and composition of the existing Animal Welfare Committee, with some additional minor modifications. In support of the new composition and charge, the committee's annual meeting budget was increased by $13,410, and an additional budget allocation of $5,000 was approved to support attendance at subject-related meetings and site visits.

Because of that new Animal Welfare Committee structure—and the new composition and charge approved in January for the AVMA Animal Welfare Advisory Committee—the board rescinded an action that provided for yearly meetings of the animal welfare committee chairs of certain constituent organizations with members of the AWAC. The committee changes foster communication between the AVMA and its constituent organizations, and accommodate the visionary activity that was intended.