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May 01, 2006


 2006 AVMA Biennial Economic Survey in mailboxes soon

Posted April 15, 2006

Improving the economics of veterinary practice and veterinary incomes has been a key element of the AVMA's efforts for nearly 20 years. Part of that effort has been the fielding of the Biennial Economic Survey every two years since 1984.

In late April, surveys were sent to a random sample of veterinarians representing all work categories within the United States. Should they receive a package, members are strongly encouraged to take the time to fill out and return the survey.

The purpose of the BES is to collect data on professional incomes and practice operations. This study is an important tool that is widely used by veterinarians to make critical practice and career decisions, and by consultants and business-oriented veterinarians to improve their practice operations.

The only way AVMA can maintain the most comprehensive economic statistics for the profession is through member participation in the Association's surveys. To ensure the most accurate and timely information, it is vital that a high response rate be achieved.

Data from the surveys will be compiled, with summary results published in the "Facts & Figures" articles in JAVMA. Comprehensive statistical results will be published and sold in book form, and will be used to create other tools that veterinarians can use to help benchmark their incomes and practice operations in comparison with their peers.