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February 15, 2006


 New forms available for disaster relief

Posted Feb. 1, 2006

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has revised the forms for applying for Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund grants of up to $2,000.

The AVMF is still giving the grants to veterinarians who suffered losses from the hurricanes of 2005—and continues to reimburse veterinarians who care for animal victims of declared disasters.

The new forms are available by visiting or calling (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6689. The deadline for applications is nine months after a disaster.

The AVMF revised the forms to decrease the time between submission and committee review, as well as to clarify which expenses are reimbursable. The Ad Hoc Review Committee considers applications at least weekly. If necessary, the AVMF sends a request for additional information to the applicant.

The AVMF Board of Directors established the Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund on Sept. 1, 2005, to provide funding for disaster relief in connection with Hurricane Katrina and future disasters.

As of Jan. 18, the relief fund had provided about $765,000 to veterinarians and the AVMA Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams—with about $274,000 of that amount going to individual veterinarians.