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October 15, 2005


 AVMF disaster relief fund supports VMAT resupply, veterinarian reimbursement

Posted Oct. 1, 2005

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation in September distributed $100,000 for the immediate resupply of AVMA Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams operating in Gulf Coast states damaged by Hurricane Katrina. 

In addition, the AVMF will reimburse veterinary hospitals up to $2,000 each in out-of-pocket expenses for caring for animals displaced or injured as a result of the storm. The AVMF Executive Committee approved the allocations, to come from the Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund, on Sept. 12.

The foundation established the fund to help alleviate suffering caused by Katrina (see JAVMA, Oct. 1, 2005). The fund will be used to cover costs associated with medical treatment for animals, animal care, VMATs, and the teams' supplies and equipment. The AVMA has pledged up to $500,000 in matching donations to the fund.

To apply for AVMF reimbursement, veterinarians should fill out the form available on the AVMF Web site,, and submit it to their state VMA to verify the validity of the claim. Dr. Cindy Lovern, assistant director of the AVMA Scientific Activities Division, will coordinate distribution of the funds through the AVMF.