September 15, 2005


 Council name change among three approved amendments

Posted Sept. 1, 2005

As recommended by the House Advisory Committee and House Reference Committee 1/Administration, the AVMA House of Delegates on July 16 approved three proposed amendments to the AVMA Bylaws.

One amendment provided for renaming the Council on Public Relations the Council on Communications.

Another amendment clarifies that two of the 15 members of the Council on Education will represent basic science. The previous wording stipulated that two members would represent basic or preclinical science.

Approval of a third amendment switches the locations of the 2013 and 2014 AVMA Annual Conventions. The AVMA has three geographic convention zones, with the event held in each zone once every three years. Approval of the amendment allows the 2013 convention to be held in Zone 2 and the 2014 convention in Zone 1, returning to the regular rotation and Zone 3 in 2015. The AVMA Executive Division had recommended that the board authorize preparation of the proposed amendment. This will make it possible to celebrate the 2013 sesquicentennial convention of the Illinois-based AVMA in its zone, which is Zone 2.