August 01, 2005


 AVMA PAC to report donor contributions

Posted July 15, 2005


On recommendation from the AVMA Political Action Committee Policy Board, the Executive Board has approved the inclusion of Strategy 2, Tactic B, which is the PAC Lifetime Giving Report, as part of the PAC Marketing Plan. The tactic is as follows:

Tactic B: Create and distribute a Lifetime Giving Report to be tipped into the JAVMA at the end of each election cycle to launch the new AVMAPAC brand. The report would be distributed only to AVMA members. Individuals may request that their names be omitted.

The report lists annual and lifetime contributions made by PAC donors. In November 2004, the report was removed because the board believed some donors did not want their names published. At its June meeting, the board amended the recommendation so that donors must be contacted before the report is printed, allowing them the opportunity to remove their names. The report was published twice in the past and will be published again in 2006 at a biennial cost of $15,000.

The PAC Policy Board believes the report will properly recognize donors and help increase contributions.

Developed by the PAC Policy Board and AVMA staff, the PAC Marketing Plan promotes the committee through education and targeted solicitations to increase donations from AVMA members. In turn, the plan will help the PAC achieve its goal of becoming a $1 million committee by the end of the 2008 election cycle.