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August 01, 2005


 Fellows policy amended

Posted July 15, 2005

The policy on the number of AVMA Congressional Science and Executive Branch Fellows has been amended once again. The Executive Board approved the following amended statement submitted by the Legislative Advisory Committee:

The number of AVMA Congressional Science and Executive Branch Fellows shall be up to three annually.

At its November 2004 meeting, the board raised the annual AVMA fellowship stipend. To balance the increase with budgetary concerns, the board also approved a recommendation to limit the number of fellows selected to two unless there are more than 15 applicants, in which case up to three fellows could be chosen.

According to the LAC, the selection of applications by numbers alone might deprive the program of quality candidates. For instance, if there were three qualified candidates in a pool of fewer than 15 applicants, then one AVMA member would be deprived of the opportunity to serve as a fellow.

Under the new policy, up to three fellows may be selected, but less than three if the selection committee determines there are fewer qualified candidates.