June 01, 2005


 American Board of Veterinary Specialties manual revised

Posted May 15, 2005

The AVMA Executive Board approved five revisions to the policies and procedures manual of the AVMA American Board of Veterinary Specialties. The manual provides guidelines for the establishment, recognition, and supervision of veterinary specialty organizations.

The first revision will help clarify that the ABVS believes specialty organizations should be incorporated before a recommendation for recognition reaches the board. The current wording implies that a proposed specialty organization must incorporate as a not-for-profit organization prior to submission of its initial petition for recognition.

Next, minor changes were recommended to help clarify the minimum time between credentialing and examination. These changes will ensure fairness of credentialing procedures across all recognized veterinary specialty organizations.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the third revision will require each organization to accommodate reasonable requests from applicants with documented disabilities for special test considerations. The manual will contain a model ADA request form.

As for the fourth revision, the ABVS recommended revising the manual's annual report form to clarify multiple-part questions. The form will also ask questions designed to elicit all necessary information from each organization for careful assessment of compliance with recognition requirements.

Finally, the fifth revision will require the organization to submit its policies and procedures manual, standard operating procedures, or other documentation that will clarify the organization's operations. The documents, which are required only if they exist, will aid in the five-year, in-depth review.