June 01, 2005


 ECFVG quality assurance fee to become program-wide

Posted May 15, 2005

In the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates Program, the Executive Board approved replacing the $1,000 quality assurance program fee for the Clinical Proficiency Examination with a program-wide QAP fee of $725. The change will take effect with new candidates enrolling in the ECFVG program beginning Jan. 1, 2006. The CPE—a 3 1/2-day, hands-on assessment of clinical skills—is used in the fourth and final step of the ECFVG certification program.

The program-wide fee will be used only to fund processes that enhance the quality of any of the steps of the ECFVG program. An example of an anticipated need for a program-wide QAP is for development and maintenance of a new step 3 examination to assess knowledge of basic and clinical sciences. The commission is currently reviewing proposals from six vendors.

Two ECFVG-related recommendations from the AVMA Education and Research Division were approved. One authorizes the ECFVG to meet, if needed, with selected vendors who have submitted proposals to develop a new step 3 examination. The board also authorized funding for transportation for up to three ECFVG members to participate in a Test of English as a Foreign Language standard-setting exercise in Chicago in mid-May 2005. The TOEFL and Test of Spoken English are used as step 2 of the ECFVG program.