June 01, 2005


 AVMA addresses contentious exhibitors

Posted May 15, 2005 

The AVMA has adopted a policy on how the AVMA Convention and Meeting Planning Division and the Association's governance will address applications for the AVMA Annual Convention from potentially contentious exhibitors. The policy, recommended by the Convention Management and Program Committee, states:

Exhibit Coordinator and/or Director, Convention & Meeting Planning Division identify potentially contentious exhibitors that have submitted applications for booth space.

Convention Director forwards names of potential exhibitors to CMPC Chair, Other Convention Activities Section Manager and Industry Liaison for review.

CMPC Chair, Other Convention Activities Section Manager and Industry Liaison forward recommendation to the AVMA Executive Vice President through the Director, Convention & Meeting Planning Division.

Executive Vice President forwards recommendations to the Board of Governors for final approval/denial.

Animal rights groups have increasingly targeted the AVMA and its position statements and guidelines. The committee reported that the groups have taken action through demonstrations, correspondence, and print materials directed to the public.

Current exhibit hall applications require all exhibitors to sign a statement of compliance, which identifies ineligible exhibitors as those who promote philosophies or actions in opposition to those of the AVMA. The new policy will provide the AVMA with a framework on how to address exhibitors that may be detrimental to the attendee experience and disruptive in the exhibit hall.