March 15, 2005


 FSIS provides guidance on foreign animal disease reporting

Posted March 1, 2005

The Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service issued a directive Jan. 26 providing public health veterinarians with instructions to follow when they suspect that animals may have foreign animal diseases, or when they observe signs of FADs or other reportable conditions.

To access Directive 6000.1, Responsibilities Related to Foreign Animal Diseases (FADs) and Reportable Conditions, go to

As a member country of the Office International des Epizooties, the United States takes seriously its commitment to reporting animal diseases it detects in this country. The OIE classifies the diseases of greatest concern into two categories—list A and list B. The FSIS directive includes lists of these diseases.

List A comprises transmissible diseases that have the potential for serious and rapid spread, irrespective of national borders; serious socioeconomic or public health consequences; and major importance in the international trade of animals and animal products.

List B constitutes transmissible diseases that are considered to be of socioeconomic or public health importance within countries and that are important in the international trade of animals and animal products. The directive also covers signs of FADs and the responsibilities of public health veterinarians. The PHV training module "Reportable and Foreign Animal Diseases" is accessible at