February 15, 2005


 AAZV, AAWV call for papers

Posted Feb. 1, 2005

The American Association of Zoo Veterinarians and the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians are issuing a call for papers for their joint conference, which will be held in Omaha, Neb., in October 2005. The deadline for submission of titles to session chairs is March 16.

Topics for sessions include nutrition and health issues associated with mixed species and complex exhibits, preventive medicine/reproduction and contraception, legislative and regulatory issues, hoofstock, carnivores and small mammals, herps/invertebrates/aquatics, avian, primates, case reports, conservation projects in your backyard and conservation updates, guidelines for veterinarians working abroad and reports from the field, wildlife epidemiology using remote imaging and sensing technologies, anesthesia, and emerging and zoonotic diseases of captive and free-ranging wildlife.

Individuals who want to submit a title to be considered for presentation at the meeting are asked to fill out a form available at www.aazv.org/aazv_conf_title_submit_form_2005.htm, and e-mail, mail, or fax the form to the appropriate session chair. Session chairs are posted at www.aazv.org.