January 15, 2005


 Executive Board Coverage: Overview

Posted Jan. 1, 2005 

The AVMA Executive Board addressed one of its most extensive agendas in recent memory this past Nov. 18-20 at Association headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill. Dr. Roger K. Mahr, District VI, is board chair.

Among the recommendations, several were submitted by AVMA President Bonnie V. Beaver. The board approved four of the recommendations Dr. Beaver first outlined for the House of Delegates in July. One that won approval establishes an AVMA Animal Welfare Division. The new division will monitor the science of animal welfare and assist the Association in proactively addressing developing issues.

Several other animal welfare-related recommendations were acted on, including position statements.

Additionally, the board adopted a position statement declaring, in part, the AVMA's commitment "to diversity in all aspects of the profession so that we can best serve the animals and public."

Guidelines for AVMA involvement in state legislative and regulatory affairs were approved, as was funding for a Web-based service to help the Association identify and monitor proposals at the state level.

The National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues was extended for another five years.

Several recommendations were global in nature. The board created an AVMA/Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges task force, for example, to formulate a plan to help Iraqi and Afghan veterinarians.

Other recommendations involved setting legislative priorities in Washington, D.C., and issues ranging from drugs and biologics to emergency management.

Overall, the board authorized $83,085 from the contingency funds and $1,031,000 from the reserve fund for the proposals it approved in November.

The newly approved recommendations are reported on pages 163 to 186.