November 01, 2004


 Officers on the road

Posted Oct. 15, 2004
Officers on the road is a monthly feature of the JAVMA News, designed to let AVMA members know about the issues their leadership is addressing.

Officers on the road

What have you been doing since your election in July?

 Dr. Henry E. Childers, 2004-2005 AVMA president-elect, responds:

Within the past two weeks (in September), I've attended meetings in Idaho, North Dakota, Florida, New England, Washington, D.C., Alaska, and Texas. Each association asks me to speak on different topics, so I've found it helpful to develop presentations in modular form. Usually, I'm asked to talk about the AVMA's long-range plans for the profession. They also want updates on what's happening with the AVMA and the veterinary profession in general.

I give overviews and then I talk about matters that I think might be of most interest to specific associations. In Florida, I talked about the Task Force of State Legislative and Regulatory Initiatives because the Florida VMA was one of the primary drivers behind its creation. I also talked about the public policy symposium in August and what it accomplished.

Are you hearing any concerns about the AVMA from the state and allied associations?

No, I hear the associations are very pleased with what the AVMA is doing and they're very pleased with the legislative and regulatory task force and the fact that it's going to be a big help to state and allied associations. Sometimes the associations would like us to move faster, but they understand that we're heading in many different directions at the same time and we can only make reasonable progress. But most of the time, it's complete satisfaction.

What is the value of attending these meetings?

They drive home the importance of these AVMA initiatives. As an Executive Board member, I learn firsthand from AVMA constituents about how these projects are being received. As president-elect, I've become more conversant about these projects because of the presentations I regularly prepare and give to constituents about them.