September 01, 2004


 HOD calls for analysis of other professions' legislative, regulatory support of constituents

Posted Aug. 15, 2004

The AVMA House of Delegates approved a Resolution 4 of 2004, introduced by the Florida VMA. This resolution expands the Executive Board's assigned, five-point charge to the Task Force on State Legislative and Regulatory Issues.

As one of the 10 constituent associations that sponsored Resolution 4 of 2003, the FVMA stated in the background to the 2004 resolution that it is grateful and encouraged that the board approved a plan to address short- and long-term AVMA support for managing legislative and regulatory initiatives faced by constituent organizations at the state level. The board's action was in response to HOD approval of the 2003 resolution.

The FVMA introduced the 2004 resolution out of concern that the original charge to the task force was limited to undertaking an internal review. Resolution 4 of 2004 included a request for an analysis of how other national professional associations provide such assistance to their constituent associations.

As directed by the resolution, this analysis will include an evaluation of those associations' support and funding structures. One of the associations analyzed would be the American Optometric Association, which the FVMA states has successfully established and expanded its legislated scope of practice despite having to fight "against the vigorous opposition of the American Medical Association."

One tangible resource planned for constituent organizations was the recent AVMA Public Policy Symposium designed to help veterinarians influence public policy at the state level. It was held Aug. 14-15 in Chicago. A JAVMA news report on the symposium will be published in October.