July 15, 2004


 Ornamental fish therapeutics activities funded

Posted July 1, 2004

Dr. Gregory Hammer, District II board memberOn recommendation of the AVMA Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents, the Executive Board has approved travel funds for a Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee member representing aquaculture and seafood medicine to attend a half day meeting of the working group on ornamental fish therapeutics. The meeting will be held Sept. 9, in Schaumburg, Ill., and attendance will cost $675.

The working group has been discussing issues through conference calls for some time, but the Aquaculture and Seafood Advisory Committee, recently renamed the Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee, concluded that an in-person meeting is needed. The working group needs to refine issues concerning the availability and use of drugs for ornamental fish and formulate possible initial approaches to advise veterinarians, their clients, and others, on the appropriate use of these drugs.

The timing of the meeting will avoid additional AVMA expense for ASAC members, because it will be held immediately prior to the Sept. 10-11, 2004 ASAC meeting.