June 01, 2004


 Communications task force to be assembled

Posted May 15, 2004

In his address to the House of Delegates last July, AVMA President Jack O. Walther called communication the glue that binds the AVMA to members, staff, leaders, state and allied groups, media, and the public.

He spoke of his intention to ask that the Executive Board establish a communications task force. This April, the board approved a recommendation from Dr. Walther to establish a Task Force on Communications, with funding of $49,425 for outside consultants and meeting expenses.

"This is one of the most important things we can do that will affect (the initiatives) we've approved today and in the future," Dr. Walther said after the vote.

The task force will consider all aspects of internal and external communications to determine the components of an effective, vigorous, credible program—one that reaches relevant stakeholders, enhances the profession's reputation, and makes the public think first of veterinarians on any subject involving animals and animal welfare.