May 01, 2004


 Newsletter provides new tool to educate pet owners

Posted April 15, 2004

Pet columnist Steve Dale has teamed with the AVMA and Merial to give veterinarians a new resource to educate pet owners. PAWPRINTS is a four-page, quarterly newsletter that veterinarians can customize to share timely information on subjects important to pet owners.

PAWPRINTS helps veterinarians continue to communicate with pet owners beyond visits to the clinic. Dale, who is editor-in-chief, said, "This newsletter gives veterinarians an easy way to share information on animal health issues and keep clients updated on local offerings."

The newsletter features columns by Dale, the AVMA, and Merial. Dale is a syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services and host of the nationally syndicated radio show Animal Planet Radio. Pet book author Margaret Bonham serves as newsletter editor.

This past November, the AVMA Executive Board approved the Association's participation in this resource project. Through AVMA involvement, PAWPRINTS serves as a credible, third-party source of information for veterinarians to share with their clients. All funding is provided by an educational grant from Merial.

Designed for easy access and customization by companion animal clinics, PAWPRINTS can be downloaded by logging on to and accessing the "Veterinary Professionals" link. The top of the newsletter can be customized with clinic information, and one section can be tailored to include a clinic's local tips, success stories, products, holiday hours, general information, and photos.

Upon customizing, veterinarians can print and mail PAWPRINTS, or make it available to clients in their reception room. Veterinarians who do not customize the newsletter or who have certain software can send it to their clients via e-mail or post it on their Web site.