February 01, 2004


 New Web site, CD-ROM provide information on Johne's disease

Posted Jan. 15, 2004

The United States Animal Health Association has developed two new educational tools to teach veterinarians and producers more about Johne's disease and help prevent its spread.

A new CD-ROM, "Johne's and Beyond," comprises 25 sets of PowerPoint slides, articles, and other information about the disease. The CD will be provided free to subscribers to a related Johne's disease Web site; a one-year subscription to the Web site costs $50. Downloadable updates to the CD will be posted on the Web site as they become available.

Several animal health organizations and companies have provided funding, totaling $32,000, for the development of the CD. They include the AVMA, AKEY Feeds, IDEXX, Biocor, Agway, Holstein Association, Dairy Farmers of America, Novartis Animal Health, the Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Allied Monitor, and Immucell Corp. Three members of the National Johne's Disease Working Group and USAHA Johne's Committee coordinated the Johne's CD project: Dr. Don Hansen, a Oregon State University extension veterinarian, Dr. Kenneth Olson, the director of education and information resources at the Federation of Animal Science Societies, and Dr. Robert H. Whitlock, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

"The value of the CD as well as a Web site is that the user can carry to lectures or meetings a 'ready-to-use' presentation for large or small audiences..." Dr. Hansen said. "There is something suitable for any interested audience (veterinarians, students, dairy producers, sheep producers, and others) on this CD."

To subscribe to the Web site and obtain a CD, contact Linda Ragland at the USAHA, P.O. Box K227, Richmond, VA 23229; phone, (804) 285-3210; or fax, (804) 285-3367.