June 15, 2003


 Thirty-one nominees vie for 12 council seats, candidates invited for four other vacancies

Posted June 1, 2003

Although the Feb. 1 deadline for nominating AVMA members to serve on councils has passed, no nominations have yet been received for the following four vacancies:

  • Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents: a newly created position representing clinical pharmacology (term ending July 2009)
  • Council on Education: a seat representing nonprivate practice, nonacademic veterinary medicine (term ending July 2009)
  • Council on Education: position representing small animal clinical science (an unexpired term ending July 2008)
  • Council on Research: one seat representing veterinary medical colleges; two seats are available, but only one nomination has been received—that of Dr. Jeffrey S. Klausner, St. Paul, Minn.; the positions are open to deans or associate deans/directors of research at an AVMA-accredited school or college (terms ending July 2009)

    Besides Dr. Klausner, the 30 other council nominees are as follows:
  • Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents: one at-large position—Drs. Gavin Lee Meerdink, Urbana, Ill.; James S. Reid, Locust Grove, Va.; epidemiology (one new position)—Drs. John M. Gay, Pullman, Wash., and John W. Poe, Midway, Ky.; industry, exclusive (one new position)—Drs. John E. Branam, Davis, Calif.; Gerryll Gae Hall, Lawrenceville, Ga., John E. Holste, Columbia, Mo.; Lionel L. Reilly, Omaha, Neb.; David K. Rosen, Portage, Mich.; and Ron D. White, Ames, Iowa
  • Council on Education: basic or preclinical science (one member active in this field who is a member of the faculty of a university having an accredited school or college of veterinary medicine or a department of veterinary science)—Drs. Gerald R. Bratton, College Station, Texas; Gilbert A. Burns, Pullman, Wash.; Mary M. Christopher, Davis, Calif.; and Leslie C. Sharkey, Shrewsbury, Mass.
  • Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine: agricultural agencies (two positions)—Drs. Keith A.J. Friendshuh, Stillwater, Minn., and Jan A. Leder, Columbus, Miss.
  • Council on Public Relations: private practice, predominantly small animal (one position)—Dr. David C. Koncal, Northfield, Ohio; public health or regulatory veterinary medicine (one position)—Drs. Martha A. Littlefield-Chabaud, Baton Rouge, La., and Sandra K.L. Norman, Indianapolis
  • Judicial Council: no category specified (one position)—Drs. Kent D. McClure, Washington, D.C., and Walter C. Robinson III, Greenville, S.C.
  • Council on Research: private clinical practice—an AVMA member predominantly engaged in private clinical practice (one unexpired term ending July 2006)—Drs. Grant W. Boam, Murray, Utah, and Michael E. Newman, Decatur, Ala.
  • Council on Veterinary Service: small animal (one position)—Drs. Laurel A. Kaddatz, Pound Ridge, N.Y., and Richard D. Ramseyer, Utica, Ohio; and one at-large position—Drs. Terry Besch, Frederick, Md.; Dale S. Lonsford, Deer Park, Texas; Scott Spaulding, Milton, Wis.; and Rebecca E. Stinson-Dixon, Scottsville, N.Y.

Positions end in July 2009 unless otherwise specified. Nominations for any of the open positions—including additional nominations for seats that already have nominees, can still be made from the floor of the House of Delegates during its annual session July 18 in Denver. The HOD will fill them July 19. Individuals intending to nominate a candidate at the HOD session should submit written notification as soon as possible to Dr. Bruce W. Little, AVMA executive vice president.