June 15, 2003


 Executive Board considers bylaws amendments

Posted  June 1, 2003

At its May 1-4 meeting, the AVMA Executive Board recommended that the House of Delegates approve several changes to the AVMA Constitution and Bylaws when delegates convene in Denver this July.

Board members approved forwarding a proposed a amendment to the HOD automatically granting active membership in the AVMA to graduating members of a student AVMA chapter, provided that a faculty adviser certifies the graduate is a member of the student chapter in good standing.

The board has proposed a dues increase beginning in 2004 (see page 1655). If passed by the HOD, dues for AVMA active members will be $250 annually.

The $110 fee applies also to veterinarians applying for AVMA membership who have not been in good standing with their student AVMA chapter. Moreover, active or associate members pursuing a full-time program of graduate study, internship, or residency in specified programs would also be responsible for the $10 increase.

Board members approved forwarding amendments to the bylaws section dealing with student organization to update the language to refer to accredited versus approved schools/colleges.

A proposed amendment affecting accreditation standards requires that the standards pertain to "organization, finances, physical facilities and equipment, clinical resources, library and information resources, students, admissions, faculty, curriculum, research programs, and outcomes assessment."

The AVMA Council on Education would also be mandated to evaluate veterinary schools and colleges and make accreditation decisions without review or influence from any other AVMA entity.

A proposed change to the makeup of the AVMA Council on Veterinary Service would reduce the three at-large members to two and create a recent graduate category. What's more, one of the charges to the council would be revised to reflect that it will advise and assist organizations represented in the HOD on matters concerning veterinary service.

Board members approved forwarding an amendment that modifies the charges to the AVMA Council on Public Relations. The proposed changes include fostering a positive image of the AVMA, its members, and veterinary medicine; using marketing analysis to help in the creation and refinement of communication programs; and aiding the Executive Board in developing resources to accomplish communication programs.

The board will forward an amendment that adds "Act(ing) as the constitution and bylaws committee for the House of Delegates" to the House Advisory Committee's list of duties.

A recommended change to the portion of the bylaws pertaining to the AVMA Annual Convention would require suggestions for future sites for the annual meeting be delivered in writing to the director of the AVMA Convention and Meeting Planning Division rather than to the convention manager, as specified in the current bylaws.

This July, the HOD will take final action on two constitutional amendments introduced to delegates during the 2002 session. The first amends the portion of the AVMA Constitution dealing with the Board of Governors, changing "chairman" of the Executive Board to "chair." The second amendment defines the HOD annual session as meaning "the official annual business meeting" of the HOD convened and conducted in accordance with the bylaws and the Manual of the House of Delegates.

Additional coverage of the Executive Board's actions at the May meeting will appear in the July 1 JAVMA News.

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