May 15, 2003


 U.S. Pharmacopeia to close Veterinary Practitioners' Reporting Program

Posted May 1, 2003

The United States Pharmacopeia has advised the AVMA it will terminate its Veterinary Practitioners' Reporting Program. Beginning April 15, the organization will no longer accept adverse event reports, and April 30 will be the last day of business. Even though the USP has received 'very positive feedback' on the value of the program to the veterinary community, the organization evaluated all its current programs and activities and concluded it is not able to continue this program.

The AVMA has been in support of the USP program, but last year, the Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents formed a subcommittee to determine the best system for adverse event reporting. A mechanism is already available to report to government agencies and manufacturers, but the Adverse Event Reporting Subcommittee is seeking a better way to disseminate clinically relevant and timely information back to practitioners.

The USP will continue to offer two other veterinary programs. The Veterinary Drug Information program features in-depth, evidence-based label and extralabel drug use information. In its Quality Standards for Veterinary Products, the USP provides drug quality standards for human and veterinary products. Also on its Web site,, the organization offers additional resources as well as useful veterinary links.