May 15, 2003


 Stakeholders invited to public forum on educational equivalence assessment for graduates of non-AVMA-accredited colleges

Posted May 1, 2003

For several months, representatives from the AVMA and the American Association of Veterinary State Boards have been working together to identify key issues related to certifying the educational equivalence of veterinarians educated in non-AVMA-accredited veterinary colleges. Programs currently in place for educational equivalence assessment include the AVMA-sponsored Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates and the AAVSB-sponsored Program for Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence.

To provide stakeholders with an opportunity to share their views regarding educational equivalence assessment processes, representatives of the ECFVG and PAVE will host a public forum at 1 p.m. on Thursday, June 26, at the Courtyard Philadelphia Airport Hotel. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to, representatives of professional associations, schools/colleges of veterinary medicine, veterinary specialty boards/colleges, state licensing boards, government agencies, graduates of accredited and nonaccredited veterinary colleges, and members of the public. Interested parties are invited to attend and participate. Representatives hosting the Philadelphia forum include Drs. Donald Draper, Deborah Kochevar, and Wallace Baze (on behalf of the AVMA-ECFVG) and Drs. Susan Chadima, Ralph Richardson, and Janvier Krehbiel (on behalf of the AAVSB-PAVE).

Representatives of the ECFVG and PAVE request that all input for the forum first be provided in writing. Limited time will also be available at this public forum for those who wish to make oral presentations or ask questions. In the interest of equity for participants, each oral presentation will be scheduled for a maximum of 15 minutes (to include questions and answers) and will be limited to those who have previously submitted written comments.

Interested persons/organizations should submit their written comments (limited to one page of text) to Dr. Chadima at 457 Foreside Road, Topsham, ME 04086. Comments may also be submitted via facsimile (207-729-8863) or e-mail, but must be followed with a mailed printed copy. Deadline for receipt is Wednesday, June 18.

If oral presentation time is desired, a request to that effect must be included when written comments are submitted. The request should include the presenter's name, mailing address, telephone and facsimile numbers, e-mail address, and professional affiliation.

Certification of graduates of nonaccredited institutions is an important issue for the veterinary profession, regulatory boards, and the public, and the hosting representatives and their respective organizations welcome and encourage participation in this public forum. All comments received will be taken into consideration as the representatives prepare their final report for the AVMA and the AAVSB.