April 01, 2003


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Posted March 15, 2003
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AVMA Answers

What is the AVMA Veterinary Career Center and how can it help employers and job seekers?

Brent L. Heathcott, CAE,
assistant director
of the AVMA
Membership and
Field Services Division

The Veterinary Career Center is the AVMA's online job placement service. It replaced the Placement Service in October 2001. That service was a program very well received by AVMA members and the veterinary profession. But with the emergence of the Internet and online employment and career-services Web sites, it was only natural for the AVMA to make the transition to an online service.

Anytime you have a constituency used to doing things one way, there are going to be some bumps and bruises during the transition period. But I think we've experienced most of those and are now on the upswing, because feedback about the VCC has been overwhelmingly positive.

What this new system offers is 24-hour access to resumes for employers and job opportunities for seekers. Both can update their resumes and jobs anytime, day or night, and receive information much quicker. Employers can set up search agents to identify a certain pool of candidates, and job seekers can also set parameters for the types of jobs they desire.

The VCC provides a lot more flexibility than the Placement Service did, and with real-time access. In addition, its features are indicative of today's online job placement environment. People want access to information right away and the Internet provides that in many venues, including job placement/career services arena.

Recently, 212 jobs were posted on the VCC, which is the highest number since its inception in 2001. We've had more than 2,000 employers post jobs and hundreds of candidates have posted resumes. Currently, we have about 600 resumes in the VCC database. Resumes can be posted by AVMA members and student members only, which gives integrity to the resume database. Anybody can search the job database, but to post your resume and have it viewed by employers, you have to be an AVMA member or student member. Also, employers who post job openings on the VCC have access to the entire resume database.

In 2003, a new pricing package was added to the 30-day pricing package. Employers can now post jobs for 60 days at a discounted price (30 days for $99, 60 days for $149). In just a few months, we have already received great feedback on this addition. It is an example of the flexibility that users of the VCC have requested, and we are pleased that we have been able to take this step to meet their needs.

We would like the VCC to become an overall career services site, so we are looking into options for adding more new features, such as tips on how to interview, how write a resume, and how to find the right job. Currently, we have a career resources area that includes educational resources.

Visit the VCC at the AVMA home page, www.avma.org.