January 01, 2003


 It's Adopt-A-Rescued-Bird Month

Posted Dec. 15, 2002

This month, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is celebrating the second annual Adopt-A-Rescued-Bird Month. Log onto the ASPCA's adoption partner, www.petfinder.com, to search the Internet's largest directory of animals available for adoption.

In honor of the second anniversary, the ASPCA reminds veterinarians to warn clients of potential poison hazards. Most pesticide baits contain ingredients such as grains or sugars that can attract birds and cause harm, for example, and many owners don't know that foods such as onions, chocolate, and coffee grounds are poisonous.

Pet owners can be referred to www.aspca.org for poisoning facts as well as general information about bird care.

"Log on to the ASPCA's adoption partner, www.petfinder.com"

ASPCA's adoption partner, www.petfinder.com