November 01, 2002


 Winn Feline Foundation issues grant proposal

Posted Oct. 15, 2002

The Winn Feline Foundation, a nonprofit organization affiliated with The Cat Fanciers' Association Inc., is accepting applications for 2003 grants.

The foundation supports research into medical problems affecting cats. This past year, the foundation funded grants totaling $128,874 in areas including mycoplasma, oral cancer chemotherapy, diabetes control, inflammatory bowel disease, liver diseases, feline infectious peritonitis, congestive heart failure, and infectious diseases in feral and free-roaming cats.

The deadline for receipt of applications for grants is Dec. 2, 2002.

The maximum amount of each grant is $15,000; awards will be announced in March 2003. For proposal requirements and additional information, contact the Winn Feline Foundation at (732) 528-9797,