October 01, 2002


 First phase of redistricting complete

Posted Sept.15, 2002

The first phase of realigning the 11 AVMA Executive Board districts to promote more equitable member representation was completed at the end of the Annual Session of the AVMA House of Delegates, which adjourned July 13 during the Association's Annual Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

The plan calls for dividing District III to create a new district and reorganizing districts VI, VII, and XI into two districts of six states each. The restructuring will be completed in July 2006.

At its 2001 Annual Session in Boston, the AVMA House of Delegates amended the bylaws according to a two-part plan that was developed by former AVMA President Leonard F. Seda and modified by the Executive Board (see JAVMA, Sept. 1, 2001, page 572). Dr. James E. Nave, also a former AVMA president, had initially raised the issue, saying that changes were necessary so that the number of AVMA members would be distributed more equally between the 11 districts.

The geographic distribution of members has shifted considerably since the districts were drawn in 1957. District membership ranged from 3,000 members to more than 11,000.

The redistricting process occurs in two phases to coincide with the ending of the terms of affected Executive Board members, allowing them to serve out their terms representing the states that elected them.

In the first phase, Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico were reassigned from District III to the newly established District IV. The new district is represented by Dr. Larry G. Corry of Loganville, Ga., whose term began at the Nashville board meeting.

District VI has been merged into District VII, which now comprises Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Dr. Robert E. Hertzog is that expanded district's board representative.

In July 2006, districts VI, VII, and IX will be further reorganized to form two districts of six states each. The new District VII will comprise Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The new District IX will comprise Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah. At the same time that Arizona is transferred from District X to the new District IX, Wyoming will be transferred from District IX to District XI.