September 01, 2002


 AVMA marshals support for MUMS bill

Posted Aug. 15, 2002

The AVMA is again rallying support for the Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Health Act. The bill narrowly missed inclusion in the bioterrorism bill signed by President Bush.

MUMS proponents are now working hard to get this legislation passed before the campaign season this fall. The MUMS bill is intended to provide FDA-authorized drugs for those less common species and indications.

The Minor Use Minor Species Coalition, of which the AVMA is a member, supports a proposal to attach the MUMS bill to the Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2002. The ADUFA bill was introduced in the House (HR 4955) and Senate (S 2665) with the goal of expediting the animal drug development process. It was referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

The AVMA is calling on veterinary organizations and members to write committee members, asking them to amend ADUFA by attaching the MUMS bill and support passage through Congress. To request template letters of support for your organization to send the committee members, or one for your members to send to members of congress, e-mail a request to