September 01, 2002


 "Leave it to Beaver": Dr. Beaver for president-elect

Posted Aug. 15, 2002 

Dr. Bonnie V. BeaverDr. Bonnie V. Beaver

"Leave it to Beaver" may be an unconventional slogan for a political campaign, but it works for Dr. Bonnie V. Beaver, AVMA president-elect candidate, who introduced her platform at the Candidates' Introductory Breakfast July 12 by drawing parallels between her leadership abilities and the traditional values espoused on the 1960s television show.

Texas delegate Dr. Tony W. Brown introduced Dr. Beaver as embodying the admirable qualities of Ward, June, Wally, and Theodore: Ward the man of action, June the problem solver, Wally the facilitator, and Theodore a person who never gave up his desire to make things better.

He noted that the endorsements of past presidents further reinforce Dr. Beaver's qualifications.

"Not only does Bonnie Beaver embody all the best of Ward, June, Wally, and Theodore, but in the words of Dr. Sherbyn Ostrich, 'she represents the best in all of US,'" Dr. Brown said.

Dr. Beaver, who is the immediate past chair of the Executive Board, noted in her speech the many difficulties the veterinary profession is facing and the need for strong leadership at the AVMA.

"We are enjoying one of the most dynamic times our profession has ever experienced, but with the excitement are challenges," Dr. Beaver said.

She heralded the 2000 KPMG LLP study of the AVMA's functions and the creation of the NCVEI as steps toward strengthening the profession. Additionally, she encouraged the AVMA's participation in the global veterinary community through the World Veterinary Association and reinforced the need to maintain high-quality veterinary education.

"We are working hard to protect the value of our diplomas from threats, both domestic and foreign, while at the same time knowing how highly those diplomas are valued in the rest of the world," Dr. Beaver said. "Our educational standards are second to none, and an increasing number of foreign colleges recognize that and are seeking accreditation."

Finally, Dr. Beaver asserted her hope to become the next AVMA president-elect and continue working with the AVMA to further initiatives launched by previous presidents.

"Continuity in leadership is critical to any organization, particularly one the size of the AVMA," she said. "Without it, each new president starts off in a different direction, but in the end there is no meaningful motion, resources are wasted, staff becomes frustrated, and there is no vision for the future."