July 15, 2002


 AVMA beautification project proceeding on schedule

Posted July 1, 2002 
The existing building entrance and lobby of AVMA headquarters

The Executive Board has authorized the expenditure of $19,000 in budgeted funds to commission an architectural firm to carry out three design steps in preparation for the partial renovation and landscaping of AVMA headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill.

Chaired by AVMA President James H. Brandt, the Architectural Design Committee reviewed proposals from three architectural firms. The committee selected The Affinity Corporation to redesign the AVMA building entrance, lobby area, and surrounding landscaping.

Work was to begin immediately. This month, the committee plans to report to the board on progress made toward completing those first three phases.

The project was conceived by Dr. Brandt as one of his presidential recommendations. He envisions an attractive entry that will establish a favorable image of the AVMA to its many visitors while clearly identifying the owner of the five-story building. Last November, the board approved the beautification project.