July 15, 2002


 What you've told us...

Posted July 1, 2002

Results of the 2002 AVMA Member Needs Assessment Survey are summarized in the special news report on the following pages (pdf, 54Kb). Association Research Inc. (ARI), an independent research company specializing exclusively in nonprofit survey research, conducted all data collection, tabulation, analysis, and reporting functions so that all responses were and remain completely confidential.

The AVMA Executive Board approved this comprehensive survey last year as a follow-up to a 1997 version.

An eight-page survey questionnaire was distributed to 7,549 of AVMA's 67,000 members—11% of the total membership. More than half the recipients (52%) completed and returned the survey—3,894 responses.

The outstanding response to the survey enables an accurate and statistically valid portrayal of the entire AVMA membership. The results will be used to develop new programs and review and enhance existing programs of the AVMA to most closely meet the needs of its members.