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February 24, 2014: Farm Bill and Principals of Veterinary Medical Ethics

January 21, 2014: House of Delegates Wrap Up, Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act, GRD Fellows Program

December 17, 2013: 20/20, Executive Board Meeting Wrap Up, and The Conversation

November 12, 2013: Jerky Treats, FFA, and Diversity Issues

October 29, 2013: GHLIT Exchange Marketplace, Colorado Flooding, and Compounding Video Resource

September 19, 2013: World Rabies Day, Prescription Drug Shortages, and Governance Engagement Team update

September 3, 2013: Happy Cat Month, Policy Commenting, America's Favorite Veterinarian and Partners for Healthy Pets

August 20, 2013: Policy Video, GRD Externs, Video Game, and State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

August 6, 2013: Convention Wrap-Up and New AVMA Governance Proposal

July 17, 2013: Convention Preview

July 2, 2013: Trivia, AVMA at the Movies, VetGRAM, and Legislative Updates

June 18, 2013: Executive Board Meeting Wrap-Up, Fungus in Rattlesnakes, and "Can You Hear Me Now: The Conversation"

June 5, 2013: Senate Farm Bill, Animal Connections, and VMAT

May 21, 2013: The Conversation, Cancer Research, Fellowships and AVMA@Work

May 7, 2013: National Pet Week and Veterinary Workforce Report

April 9, 2013: New Reports, Money Saving Legislation, and Compounding

March 26, 2013: Future Leaders, Student Legislative Fly In, and Compounding

March 12, 2013: Illegal Pharmacy Acts and Euthanasia Guidelines

February 26, 2013: Video Resources, Online Meeting and Event Calendar, GRD Update

February 14, 2013: State of the Union Special - GRD Update

February 12, 2013: Convention, A Call for Nominations, and Policy Commenting

January 28, 2013: Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook, Policy Commenting, and GHLIT

January 14, 2013: 150th Anniversary, House of Delegates Winter Meeting, and GHLIT