Volunteer Appreciation - Animal Welfare

AVMA Panel on Euthanasia

Dr. Steven Leary, Chair
Dr. Wendy Underwood, Vice Chair
Dr. Raymond Anthony, Ethicist

Dr. Samuel Cartner, Chair, Laboratory Animals Working Group
Dr. Douglas Corey, Chair, Equine Working Group
Dr. Temple Grandin, Chair, Physical Agents Working Group
Dr. Cheryl Greenacre, Chair, Birds Working Group
Dr. Sharon-Gwaltney-Brant, Chair, Noninhalant Agents Working Group
Dr. Mary Ann McCrackin, Chair, Companion Animals Working Group
Dr. Robert E. Meyer, Chair, Inhalant Agents Working Group
Dr. Dave Miller, Chair, Reptiles, Zoo & Wildlife Working Group
Dr. J.K. Shearer, Chair, Food Animals Working Group
Dr. Darrel Styles, Chair, Depopulation Working Group
Dr. Roy Yanong, Chair, Aquatics Working Group

Working Groups


Dr. Roy Yanong, Chair
Dr. Craig Harms
Dr. Helen Roberts
Dr. Nick Saint-Erne
Dr. Michael Stoskopf


Dr. Cheryl Greenacre, Chair
Dr. Laurel Degernes
Dr. Laurie Hess
Dr. Kemba Marshall
Dr. James Morrisey
Dr. Joanne Paul-Murphy

Companion Animals

Dr. Mary Ann McCrackin, Chair
Dr. Kathleen Cooney
Dr. Stacey Frick
John Mays
Dr. Becky Rhoades


Dr. Douglas Corey, Chair
Dr. Fairfield Bain
Dr. Midge Leitch
Dr. Thomas Lenz
Dr. Nat Messer
Dr. Hayden Sears
Dr. Stuart Shoemaker

Food Animals

Dr. J.K. Shearer, Chair
Dr. Eric Benson
Dr. Scanlon Daniels
Dr. John Deen
Dr. Robert Evans
Dr. Jerome Geiger
Dr. Dee Griffin
Dr. Christa Irwin
Dr. Glen Johnson
Dr. Richard Reynnells
Dr. Jim Reynolds
Dr. Bruce Webster

Inhalant Agents

Dr. Robert E. Meyer, Chair
Dr. Scott Helms
Dr. Lee Niel
Dr. Dan Weary

Laboratory Animals

Dr. Samuel Cartner, Chair
Dr. James Artwhol
Dr. Larry Carbone
Dr. Paul Flecknell
Dr. David P. Friedman
Dr. Kathleen Pritchett-Corning

Noninhalant Agents

Dr. Sharon-Gwaltney-Brant, Chair
Dr. Virginia Fajt
Dr. Don Sawyer

Physical Agents

Dr. Temple Grandin, Chair
Dr. Rose Gillesby
Jeff Hill
Jennifer Woods


Dr. Dave Miller, Chair
Dr. Scott Citino
Dr. Mark Drew
Dr. Julie Goldstein
Dr. Barry Hartup
Dr. Gregory Lewbart
Dr. Douglas Mader
Dr. Patrick Morris

AVMA Guidelines on Depopulation Working Group

Dr. Darrel Styles, Chair
Dr. Murl Bailey
Dr. Harold Kloeze
Morgan Morrow

Panel on Humane Slaughter

Dr. Steven Leary, Chair
Dr. Wendy Underwood, Vice Chair

Dr. Raymond Anthony, Ethicist

Dr. Marilyn Blair
Dr. Douglas Corey
Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Sharon-Gwaltney-Brant
Dr. Robert E. Meyer
Dr. J.K. Shearer
Dr. Darrel Styles
Dr. Joe Regenstein

If you've volunteered your service to the AVMA and you are not on any of these lists, we apologize for the oversight and thank you for your service to the Association and the profession. If your name is incorrect or is missing from this list, please email Dr. Kimberly May to have the error corrected.