Veterinary Specialty Organizations Committee


To provide assistance to those groups expressing an interest in the establishment and recognition of a new veterinary specialty organization; to jointly create and approve standards for recognition of new and current RVSOs and RVSs; to promote education of the public in regards to veterinary specialization; to provide commentary to the American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS) regarding new organizations interested in pursuing AVMA recognition; to promote advocacy efforts toward State Veterinary medical Boards concerning the use of the term "specialist" and similar aligned terminology as well as advocate for the status of veterinary specialists with Federal and State agencies.


The VSOC will convene one (1) annual in-person, one-day meeting per year at the AVMA Headquarters, immediately preceding the ABVS meeting, and may conduct business electronically throughout the year.


The voting membership of the Committee will consist of one representative (must be an AVMA member) appointed by each AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organization (RVSO). Terms shall be for four years, and can be renewed for successive terms as determined by individual RVSOs. Each recognized-veterinary specialty (RVS) within those RVSOs will be permitted to have one non-voting member who may attend, or participate via electronic means, during all meetings. A liaison from the AVMA Board of Directors will attend VSOC meetings as a non-voting member.


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