Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning Committee


The committee is responsible for guiding and selecting content for the Veterinary Leadership Conference that is focused on leadership development and based on the schedule developed by AVMA staff in conjunction with the House Advisory Committee.


The committee is authorized to hold two in-person meetings: one in conjunction with the Veterinary Leadership Conference and one later in the year at AVMA headquarters. The committee may also meet electronically.


The committee consists of seven members appointed by the AVMA Board of Directors. Members represent the following groups:

  • Veterinary Medical Association Executives (1 member; to be nominated by the VMAE)
  • Early Career Veterinarians (1 member who has graduated from veterinary school within the past 15 years; self-nominations accepted)
  • Constituent Association Officer (1 member who is currently an association officer or who served as an association officer within the past three years; to be nominated by his/her constituent association)
  • House of Delegates (1 member of the HOD with at least three years left on his/her term; to be nominated by the HOD).
  • Academic Leadership Education Advisor (1 member; AVMA membership not required; self-nominations accepted)
  • Leadership Development Advisor (1 member; AVMA membership not required; self-nominations accepted)
  • AVMA Staff Leadership Advisor (1 member; to be nominated by the AVMA Executive Vice President/CEO)

Members serve staggered three-year terms.

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