The purpose of the Trust is to provide professional liability insurance coverage designed specifically for veterinarians; to permit review of claims and offer expert advice to claims personnel by a board composed of veterinarians; to realize dividends when experience permits; to improve the general practice of veterinary medicine by calling attention to the most frequent complaints made against veterinarians; and to encourage loss-prevention methods through an extensive educational and informational program.

The Trust also oversees and administers the AVMA Worker's Compensation insurance program instituted in 1984. Business Package, Business Auto Insurance, and Umbrella Liability coverages were added in 1993 and Employment Practices Liability was added in 1996. Personal Lines coverages (automobile, homeowners, etc.) were added in 1999 to provide a complete range of casualty coverages for AVMA members.


The trustees hold 3 meetings annually—1 in the spring, 1 in the fall, and 1 at the site of the AVMA annual meeting in July. The spring and fall meetings are held in the Chicago area unless business dictates that the meeting be held at another location. The Trust may meet more frequently if necessary. Committees and subcommittees of the Trust may meet as needed and in such locations as deemed necessary by the Trust chair.


The trustees should have an interest in the subject of insurance and be willing to devote substantial amounts of time on occasion to projects undertaken by the Trust. The trustees have input to the Board of Directors with regard to appointments to the Trust and may recommend the professional activity needed to balance representation of the Trust, with regard to species of animal, specialty, and needs of the Trust.

One AVMA staff member is appointed by the Executive Vice President to serve as an ex-officio trustee. The 7 other trustees are appointed by the Board of Directors for terms of 4 years. Trustees are eligible for reappointment to 2 consecutive 4-year terms for a total of 3, 4-year terms (12 years total).

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