AVMA/National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) Leadership Committee


To ensure ongoing recognition and utilization of veterinary technicians as an integral part of the animal health care team; to increase cooperation, communication, and interaction between AVMA and NAVTA; and to encourage growth of the veterinary technology profession and promote recruitment of potential students for veterinary technology programs. 


Meetings are held once each year at the call of the committee chair, usually at the AVMA Annual Convention.


The committee consists of 8 members. Three members of the committee represent the Board of Directors and are appointed annually to 2-year terms by the chair of the Board of Directors. Three members of the committee represent the NAVTA and are appointed by the NAVTA Executive Committee—the Executive Director, the President, and President-Elect. Two members of CVTEA serve in a non-voting capacity on the Liaison Committee—the CVTEA chair and 1 technician appointed by the CVTEA chair.

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