Member Services Committee


To enhance the ability of the AVMA to advance the veterinary medical profession; to address the diversity and economic condition of the veterinary profession; to identify detailed characteristics of veterinarians (e.g. age, gender, year of graduation, professional experiences) to understand existing diversity and recognize areas of commonality; to analyze data, review relevant studies, and recommend actions to the Executive Board to increase veterinarians' satisfaction with the AVMA; to develop a plan for recruitment and retention of members to maintain the strength of leadership of the AVMA as the profession's umbrella organization; and to actively promote wellness to the veterinary profession.


The Member Services Committee comprises 12 members representing: honor roll (1), recent graduates (2—1 practice owner and 1 at-large), academic veterinary medicine (1), non-academic public-sector veterinarian (1), board-certified specialists (1), industry veterinarian (1), private clinical practice (4—1 practice owner, 1 employed practice associate, 1 food animal veterinarian, 1 at-large), student AVMA officer or delegate (1). Committee members are appointed for 3-year terms, with a maximum of two terms, except for the Student AVMA officer, who is appointed by the Student AVMA to serve a 1-year term.
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