Council on Research

This Council promotes scientific investigation in all areas of veterinary medicine by maintaining liaison relationships with a variety of biomedical research organizations; identifying and recommending strategic alliances among groups within and outside of veterinary medicine to support and encourage research that advances animal and human health; communicating with the veterinary profession, the biomedical research community, public agencies, and the general public to publicize and promote the role, significance, and relevance of veterinary biomedical research in improving animal and human health; establishing veterinary research priorities; providing recommendations on research policies and priorities; reviewing research grant proposals; selecting research award winners; promoting the communication and dissemination of research information through such vehicles as the American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR); and collaborating with the AJVR editor-in-chief in determining broad journal policies.

Examples of Council activity include sponsorship and organization of the Breakthroughs in Clinical Practice sessions at the AVMA Annual Convention; defining mechanisms to ensure better training of more clinical researchers; defining mechanisms by which a suitable and effective infrastructure for consistent funding of companion animal disease can be completed; and liaison with 4 national/international organizations actively involved in promoting veterinary, biomedical, and agricultural research.


The Council on Research consists of ten voting members of the Association and are elected by the House of Delegates for two 3 year terms. Members represent the following areas of veterinary medical activity: veterinary medical research (6 members who are predominantly engaged in active research at the time of election); private clinical practice (2 members who are predominantly engaged in private clinical practice); and veterinary medical colleges (2 members who serve as dean or associate dean/director of research at an AVMA-accredited school or college of veterinary medicine).


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