Committee on Environmental Issues


  1. Identify, encourage, and support science-based practical solutions to environmental challenges that affect the veterinary profession.
  2. Identify specific areas in which the AVMA needs to call upon its resources, influence, and alliances to cause needed actions relating to environmental issues which impact animal health or the veterinary profession. Such actions might include (but not be limited to) efforts targeting research, public relations, education, legislation, regulations, public policy, and AVMA policy.
  3. Provide information and resources, including identifying veterinarians and other professionals with needed expertise for program presentations and other forums, for the membership to enhance informed decisions about environmental issues in members' practices and communities.
  4. Raise awareness of environmental issues throughout veterinary medical careers/disciplines.
  5. Collaborate when warranted with outside experts, allied groups, agencies, and other entities in, addressing established and emerging environmental issues that affect human, domestic animal, wildlife, and ecosystem health.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation:

The Committee shall consist of 11 members who represent each of the following areas: Small animal medicine; Avian medicine; Bovine practice; Swine practice; Small ruminant practice; Zoo and Wildlife medicine; Aquatic medicine; Veterinary toxicology; Veterinary ecology; Government service-representing federal or state agency dealing with environmental issues; AVMA's Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine.

Appointments will be for three year terms, with a maximum of two terms.

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