Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues


To address the veterinarian's role in emergency and disaster issues; to address the effects of disasters on animal health, public health, and the veterinary profession; to contribute to the development of AVMA position statements on disaster and emergency issues that affect the veterinary profession; and to develop guidelines for the veterinary profession to use regarding various aspects of disaster situations.


The committee consists of 10 members who have established experience and expertise in disaster preparedness and emergency issues. The members are designated as follows: 1 each from VMAT, food animal practice, small animal practice, federal or state public health agency, Committee on Environmental Issues, poultry medicine, equine practice, the uniformed services, a state veterinarian, and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) Board of Directors. There is an AVMA Board of Directors liaison representative to the committee, and an AVMF Board of Directors liaison representative. The Representatives from the Committee on Environmental Issues and the AVMF Board of Directors are appointed by those entities. Other members are appointed by the AVMA Board of Directors.


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