The purpose of the Trust is to provide and maintain group life, accident, disability, professional overhead, hospital indemnity, supplemental income, rabies prophylaxis, and major medical benefits for members (called the member program) of the Association, as well as those members' dependents, who shall be eligible under the terms of the contract and for other benefits as determined by the trustees. Effective July 1, 2008, the Trust is able to also offer medical benefits to the staff of a member veterinarian.


The trustees hold three meetings annually - one in the spring, one in the fall, and one at the site of the AVMA annual meeting in July. The Trust may meet more frequently as necessary. Committees and subcommittees of the Trust may meet as needed and in such locations as is deemed necessary by the Trust chair.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation

The trustees are appointed by the Board of Directors for terms of 4 years beginning at the close of the AVMA annual meeting. Trustees are eligible for reappointment to 2 consecutive 4-year terms for a total of 3 four-year terms or 12 years in all. If an appointment is made to fill an unexpired term of 2 years or less, the appointee will be eligible for reappointment to 3 full 4-year terms. For this purpose, a period of 2 years or less shall not be considered a term. If the appointment to an unexpired term is for longer than 2 years, the appointee will be eligible for reappointment to 2 full 4-year terms.

A record of the appointment is contained in the report of the Board of Directors to the House of Delegates.

Retiring Trust members' terms expire at the conclusion of the Trust meeting held at the AVMA annual meeting, and new Trust members' terms commence at the conclusion of this same meeting.

Each successor trustee must indicate to the Trust in writing that he or she accepts the terms of the Trust Agreement.

The trustees consider changes in the insurance program regarding benefits and types of coverage; they review the actions of the insurance company and broker in promoting the plans; they give close attention to the administration of the program as conducted by the business partners; they review complaints from members and request adjustments when justified; they determine distribution of dividends and are responsible for all matters related to the conduct of the AVMA LIFE Trust.

The trustees should have an interest in the subject of insurance and should be willing to devote substantial amounts of time on occasion to projects undertaken by the Trust.

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