Council on Education Open Positions

Application Instructions:

The AVMA Council on Education Selection Committee is seeking interested and qualified veterinarians to serve on the Council. This is one of the most important volunteer roles that AVMA members can fill.

The AVMA Council on Education is recognized as the accrediting body for schools that offer the professional DVM degree, or its equivalent in the US and Canada; the COE also accredits other foreign programs. The Council encourages and assists colleges of veterinary medicine in meeting the requirements for accreditation, thus maintaining and advancing veterinary education, the basis for our profession.

Under our bylaws, the COE Selection Committee is charged with appointing the non-academic members of the Council (the academic members are selected by the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges). The committee will be filling the following positions in the spring 2018:

  • Private Food Animal Clinical Practice

We hope you will consider serving the profession by applying for one of these positions. You will have the opportunity to work with a committed group of practitioners, academicians and public members to help ensure the quality of the education students receive at AVMA-COE accredited schools.

Position details are as follows:

Position: Private Food Animal Clinical Practice
Position Description: an individual whose veterinary endeavor is exclusively food animal practice
Details: Appointments are made by the AVMA COE Selection Committee
Term: July 2018-July 2023
Applications Due: February 15, 2018
Outgoing Members: Patrick Farrell