Professional Facilitator Quote

I am firmly convinced that AVMA's Future Leaders Program is setting new standards in professional development. As this initiative approaches the mid-point of its inaugural year, I would like to make the following observations to support this claim.

  1. The team of Future Leaders (FLs) have proved very capable in defining the program they want, rather than having to accept a prescriptive model.
  2. This initiative is 100% self-directed towards real-world situations, expected to yield results in
  3. The program is proving to be multi-dimensional, stimulating new approaches to leadership in the workplace, the community and in organized veterinary medicine. Complementary leadership skills are being developed, adaptable to a wide spectrum of environments.
  4. This program also has meaningful metrics: each FL's leadership skills were assessed at the start of the program, and this will be repeated towards its conclusion, thereby providing fast feedback on personal development goals.

AVMA's members should be proud of this program, and I am confident that they will be impressed by these Future Leaders. Personally, I'm learning all the time, and pleased to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile initiative.

Dr. Ken Andrews, High Impact Facilitation
14 December 2011