November 2011 Future Leaders Program Update

The Future Leaders Program enhances problem-solving and leadership skills for selected early-career veterinarians. Graduates will be better prepared to be leaders for the AVMA and other veterinary medical associations at all levels.

The 10 current Future Leader participants are enhancing their own leadership skills while developing resources for other young veterinarians. Specifically, they are developing personal leadership goals and action plans surrounding three focus areas: 1) workplace leadership; 2) societal leadership; and 3) leadership within organized veterinary medicine. They are also engaged in other personal leadership activities, including:

  • Mentoring by established veterinary medical leaders throughout the year; and
  • Leadership skill assessments (self-assessments as well as assessments by supervisors, direct-reporting employees and peers) performed at the beginning and toward the end of the yearlong program

As a team, the 2011-2012 Future Leaders are developing a toolkit, a set of online resources that will assist other early-career veterinarians in their professional career growth. The toolkit will provide resources and guidance for veterinarians to help them grow as leaders in their workplaces; in their communities; and also in organized veterinary medicine at the local, state, and/or national levels. One component of the team project includes a ½ day continuing education session on leadership for early-career veterinarians at the 2012 AVMA Convention in San Diego, California. The Future Leaders will be meeting at the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference this January to further solidify components of the online resource toolkit.

The Future Leaders will complete their team project and final individual assessments at the end of their yearlong program in August 2012. They will present information about their project at the AVMA Annual Convention this August.